Imoco Volley Conegliano, one of the Mikasa Team Uniform, gives another smile to fans conquering the Final Four of Cev Champions League.

For the second year in a row the Panthers are confirmed among the four best teams in Europe by virtue of the double comparison in the Play Offs 6 with Dinamo Kazan.
This coveted reconfirmation comes after a long journey because Imoco Volley, despite being the 2017 vice champion team of Europe, had to start from the preliminaries.

The European adventure of the Panthers opened on 17 October in Hungary where Imoco Volley collected the first of two 3-0 successes on Linamar Bèkèscsabai Rs Kft.
In order to gain access to the Main Phase Pools, Wolosz and teammates have been asking for another two 3-0 victories at the Dutch of Sliedrecht Sport.

If the first opponents could not bother the Imoco Volley for less technical caliber, in the Main Phase the level is sketched up. The Panthers had to overcome an Iron Pool with the Italian Champion of Igor Gorgonzola Novara, the Turkish of Fenerbahce Istanbul and the Agel Prostejov, national champions of the Czech Republic.
The pool opened up to the great with a victory in the Italian derby and continued with success after another. On the last round, Conegliano and Novara faced each other, but while our Mikasa Team Uniform was already certain of the qualification for the Play Offs 6, the Piedmontese were forced to win. The inside out to which they were called, galvanized Novara that exceeds the Imoco and takes the first place.

The rest of the journey that leads to Bucharest, the venue chosen by the Cev for the Final Four 2018, is recent history.
The last obstacle between the Panthers and the Bucharest weekend responds to the name of Dinamo Kazan. The Russian team qualified for the Play Offs as the only team to have achieved 6 wins from three points in the pool.
Imoco Volley faced the Kazan Dynamo openly. In the first leg, the bubbling and fast game set by the setter Wolosz sent the opponents out. The 3-0 at PalaVerde paved the way for the Panthers in the return match staged in Kazan. After a first partial in which Dinamo tried to reopen the qualifying speech, Imoco Volley has returned to being extraordinarily concrete and going to win the two sets that were missing to conquer the pass for Bucharest and represent the Italian movement in one of the most coveted and prestigious volleyball event of the season.