Something about us

Welcome to our website, where with our words (few) and our products (many) we tell you who we are and what we do. Some define it as a mission, we simply like to call it our job.


Sport with its constant challenge to the concept of limitation is our source of inspiration. At the service of those who choose our products we offer professionalism, passion and a research that constantly updates our skills.


From 1982 to 1989 – FIRST STEPS


Our business was born in 1982 with the name of Virma Sportline in one of the manufacturing districts more voted for the production of garments and footwear for sports activities.
In a short time we become a textile industry specialized in the production of sportswear. Our work is characterized by the high quality completely Made in Italy. The care we put into every phase of the production process, from weaving to finished garment, gains the trust of internationally renowned sports brands that entrust us with the realization of our products.


From 1990 to 1998 – JOIN THE GAME


These are the years in which we decide to get even more involved. Our identity is ready to be presented to the market and at the beginning of the 90s we offer our line dedicated to team sports: football, volleyball and basketball primarily. At the same time as the texture of our garments, we weave the commercial network for the distribution of our products to the stores of sporting goods.
Our horizons widen. Our limits are boundaries to be reached and overcome.
Looking further, in 1992 we started the collaboration with Mjojio Rubber Industry Co. Ltd, based in Hiroshima, owner of the famous MIKASA brand and world leader in the production of sports balls. The sinergy with the Japanese brand is destined to intensify over the years.
In 1996 we became Official and Exclusive Distributors for the Italian and Croatian markets. Alongside Mikasa we live the most revolutionary moment in the history of volleyball: the scoring system changes, the role of the "libero" is introduced. Mikasa is the protagonist of this phase of change by introducing the first volleyball ball with a synthetic and colored cover. The old white leather ball becomes an icon of the past. The future has the names of the MVL200 and MVP200 models.


Primi palloni sintetici colorati


From 1995 to 2005 – NEW PROJECTS


Six years  designed dynamically with many ideas that our tenacity turns into reality. The first, in order of time, is dated 2002 when a branded Mikasa line of clothing for volleyball  is launched. This first line is different from all the others. It is born by listening to the needs of volleyball players and following the peculiarities of the technical gestures of this sport. We offer a SLIM fit never seen before and we choose new generation yarns and weaving to enhance comfort during sports performance.

Our "sartorial" approach conquered Sisley Treviso, the strongest team in the world in those years, even before our collections are distributed by our sales network. In the following five years we feel the thrill of winning four Italian Championships, three Italian Cups, a Champions League and a Challenge Cup.
Our business organization is still growing. In 2005, to increase our commercial profile, we became a capital company "SG&B SRL".

From 2006 to 2010 - SINERGY


There are many collaborations that bloom in this period primarily with the Italian Volleyball Federation both at central and peripheral level. The B1 and B2 Series, male and female, play with Mikasa balls and the same happens in some of the most important FIPAV Regional Committees of Italy (Veneto, Lombardy, Piedmont, Emilia Romagna).
MVA200 In this four-year period the most fascinating and important sporting event is the Beijing Olympics. One of the most memorable editions of the history of the Olympic Games disputes its volleyball, beach volleyball and water polo tournaments with Mikasa balls, among which stands out the new model for volleyball MVA200, futuristic for technical qualities and design. Two years later another ball is destined to prevail on the scene: it's the VLS300, the new model for beach volleyball.VlS300 Beach volley

The set of design and technique conquers beachers all over the world.
Another red circle date is December 1, 2010: in Rome, SG&B SRL and Mikasa Corporation sign a License agreement that allows us to propose the Team Uniform line across Europe.


From 2011 to today – OUR PRESENT


Logo Lega Pallavolo Always open to challenges and achieving great goals, in 2012 we sign with the Lega Volleyball Serie A Men the agreement that defines the model MVA200 as the Official and Exclusive Ball of one of the most important men's volleyball championships in the world, the men's SuperLega .
Our digital productions, always totally Made in Italy, continue to be our flagship and are strongly identifying the teams belonging to the Mikasa Team Uniform Project.

Beach Volley Capsule Collection


In 2016 we dedicate our first Capsule Collection to the world of beach volleyball.
Our garments are inspired by the bright colors of summer, the desire to have light fabrics on the skin, from the fun of pop graphics. This new aesthetic research does not compromise the technical fit of the garments. During the matches, the movements are indulged in perfection, off the field the beach is alive with an unusual touch of glamour.

Sponsor esclusivo Volley S3In 2017, Mikasa becomes a Technical Sponsor and Exclusive Official Supplier of the Italian Volleyball Federation for Volley S3 with the MVA123L S3 and SKV5 S3 balls, the project that aims to involve young people in sports practice and passionate about volleyball. The two top models for technical features, dedicated to youth volleyball, are renewed with a special customization, showing the graphic elements of the Volley S3, which makes them unique.