What do you put on your skin?

No, we're not talking about anti-aging serums, but underwear.

For us, garments in contact with the skin are the first ally of every athlete, garments that follow the lines of the body and accompany the movements supporting sports performance.
To make Mikasa underwear, we applied SEAMLESS TECHNOLOGY, a special technique that allows to produce garments with the least possible number of seams.
Innovative fibers are woven to obtain garments with differentiated muscle compression structures to improve performance under stress and elevate the sensation of comfort by preventing the dispersion of energy.
Long-sleeved shirts MT407 and MT464(ideal when temperature drops like these days) use the high-performance yarn called NILIT AQUARIUS that can manage moisture like never before.
The fiber accelerates the evaporation of sweat and moisture from the body by transporting it away from the skin through the fabric to the outside where it dissolves. The athlete can focus solely on sports performance because the optimal sensations of dryness, warmth and comfort are not in the least affected by the stress caused by wearing wet garments, made heavy and uncomfortable due to humidity. The hydrophilic characteristics of NILIT AQUARIUS do not derive from a topical treatment but are intrinsic to the fiber itself, so that frequent and repeated washing cannot wear them down.

In all the other garments (MT405, MT406, MT463 and MT462) we use NILIT BREEZE, a revolutionary fiber with a “cool” effect for an unparalleled sensation of freshness and comfort. The special weaving gives this fiber a beneficial cooling effect that maintains a comfortable body temperature during or after sports performance or in situations of high external temperature thanks to efficient ventilation. The SEAMLESS TECHNOLOGY applied to the NILIT BREEZE fiber allows the creation of pleasant garments to wear, extremely soft to the touch.
The polymer it is made of protects from UV rays, making the garments that use it also recommended for outdoor activities.

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