Copra Elior Piacenza won its first Italian Cup in front of a packed Paladozza Arena in Bologna (more than 5600 fans).
In semifinal Piacenza claimed a stellar match where they edged Itas Diatec Trentino (3-1 ).

In the gold medal match against the amazing Sir Safety Perugia, Piacenza forced the pace and won 3-0.
The prize list in enriched by this first Italian Cup, the other prizes are: Italian Championship (2009), Italian Supercup (2010), Top Teams Cup (2006) and Challenge Cup (2013).

During this Final Four, Piacenza showed that their claim “Fame da lupo e cuore da leone” is more than a slogan. These words are the perfect summary of Piacenza’s philosophy.

Applause as well for Perugia for making a name for themselves, entering into the top teams of Italian Volleyball and for giving it a great fight.

For Mikasa Italia the Final Four of Italian Cup was a great success.
Thanks to the sponsorship with Italian League – Men we just knew that our role would be important but this Final Four became special thanks to the results achieved by Copra Elior Piacenza and Sir Safety Perugia, two of the 2013/14 Mikasa Team Uniform. We couldn’t create a better advertise than their matches broadcasted by 65 television.

Also in PalaDozza we opened a very special MIKASA FAN STORE when we showed our products, balls and sportswear. MIKASA FAN STORE became a meeting point between fans and special guests like the Italian beacher Marta Menegatti, chosen by Mikasa as testimonial until Rio 2016.